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Are You Working TOO Much?

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Sometimes I go about my day, rushing around with my list of things to do flying around in my head at 100 miles an hour. Sometimes I focus on the future but forget about the present,

When your mind is constantly in either the future or the past, one forgets to live altogether. Time is a concept in our head in the end; when we're consistently living in the time to come or in our own memories, we are ultimately living through contraptions our mind has crafted.

It's important to stay here, in the now, and absorb every moment. Live as you're wanting to, but do so here and now. Live whilst keeping your journey in mind; enjoy it.

Don't let yourself get lost in your thoughts; stay mindful and take the time to acknowledge what's around you. Find beauty in every moment and appreciate it.

Goals are important but if they're all you work towards every day you'll begin to feel lost and purposeless. You might be questioning why that is...

We begin to feel purposeless and burnt out when we work too much because we are not composed of one face. You are multi-faceted. Your life is meant for a multitude of experiences, a multitude of different joys.

It's natural to need a break from the grind, to want some down time. Stay conscious of when these impulses come along and try to listen to them. More often than not, you'll be more inspired upon return.

Have you ever noticed the times you're most inspired? For me, I feel inspired when I'm mindful, when I'm mentally unburdened. The experiences that we have in life are usually a great foundation for future ideas and projects if you allow yourself the time to pursue them.

Should you choose to ignore your own intuition, should you choose to quiet your own fire, you inherently also choose to abandon possibilities that may have taken you to undiscovered heights you've only ever dreamed of. 

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