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Tea Time With Tiff: Pekoe Sip House

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If you take a look in my pantry, you'll soon discover that I've got an entire shelf of tea. An entire shelf!

I know, I know, that seems crazy, but I can't get enough!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try out some of Pekoe Sip House's teas. They're both an online shop and an actual tea-house in Boulder, Colorado who provide tea for lovers all over.

The flavors I tried were: Persian Lime, Chocolate Hazelnut, Superfoods, Evening Solace, Sunny Green, and Napa Valley. Each was unique in its own way, and my favorites had to be Chocolate Hazelnut and Superfoods for sure. I really just loved sitting down at the end of the day with the first, and it was a treat for sure!

All of these, along with the other flavors they sell, are made with high-quality ingredients (which is more important than you'd think- a lot of sellers don't really provide what they claim to). In fact, these teas come in loose leaf form, which further ensures not only their quality but their adaptability as well. When you buy a tea in loose leaf form, the kind that Pekoe Sip House provides, you're able to personalize each and every cup you brew. If you're someone who prefers a lighter tea, you can make sure it fits your tastes. If you're someone like me who loves to really taste what you're drinking, you can add a bit more before you prepare it. It's really quite simple, but I love that I can do that and do try to buy loose leaf more often than not.

Check out Pekoe Sip House online and in-store here.

What are your favorite kinds of tea? Be sure to leave me a comment below so I can check them out!

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