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Are Positive Affirmations Worthwhile?

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There are so many crazy practices out there that claim to "better your life" and magically fix everything you'd like to change that its hard to decipher what you should consider and what you shouldn't.

A good practice is effective, simple, and easy to incorporate in your day. I have tried plenty, trust me. Positive affirmations definitely made a difference for me when I truly committed to them, and I think you'll see change as well. Here's why: our brains are constantly learning and changing to fit our current beliefs about the world. When we tell ourselves reassuring things over and over again, we'll begin to accept them as true and reroute our lives according to those beliefs. No, saying you're a millionaire will not make you one. What the belief of personal success will do, however, is likely spur some changes so that you set yourself up for that success in your life. Different viewpoints are attached to different vibrations and different mindsets. Coming from a positive standpoint, much more is possible. Just take a look at plant growth- many experiments have been done which prove that positive encouragements are revolutionary for successful  and unencumbered growth. 

Success with affirmations is completely dependent on how you implement them. You have to really live out your emotions fully, without holding anything in or suppressing them. In feeling your emotions wholly long-lasting, unwanted negativity is avoided. Really center yourself before making use of affirmations and you'll see a world of difference. When you truly resonate with your words, when you truly believe them, affirmations are worthwhile. 

What are your favorite affirmations to use? Leave me a comment below!

Tiffany Amber 

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  1. I love affirmations! One of my favorites is, work like a boss! to get into the take charge mindset!

    1. That's such a great affirmation! I'll add that to my list :)

  2. Tiffany,   great post. positive affirmative is what we need to be productive and successful. personally, l don't  allow negative things to affect my life. And l focus on what will help me to  make my dream a reality. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! That's actually so great, there's no room for persisting negativity! Thanks again for your support!

  3. positive affirmation does work and it is great for one self and to share with others as well
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