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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday close to the hearts of many, and does theoretically represent values we should all embody. However, our celebration is based upon inaccurate history. We celebrate events that didn't happen, and eat foods that weren't even eaten at the first Thanksgiving. The traditions we take part in are founded in fiction, and it's only natural how defensive we've become of them. The mention of change at the dinner table almost always stirs up a storm.

My whole life, Thanksgiving has been filled with tradition. A huge tradition in many homes is the inclusion of the turkey as the main part of the meal; with even the discussion of omitting this entree, many get offended. I'm here to explain why that's understandable, but also to point out why it's still not justifiable. 

Food bonds us together. Food is a fundamental part of any relationship, and eating together is something that brings people closer. When we all share a meal, it promotes cohesiveness, sharing, and more. That's something that makes the holidays in general special- we all make more time to spend with each other, where this might not be possible throughout the year. When someone disrupts this time or tries to encourage new ways, we can feel threatened. This is a natural response and is totally expected. 

What we fail to recognize is that some traditions are based upon lack of knowledge. Today we know how animal agriculture negatives impacts the environment, our health, and animal welfare itself; all it takes is a little research to see just how much it affects almost every realm of life in a negative way. Perhaps we can change customs to accommodate new knowledge. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It's true sometimes tradition can overshadow meanings. <3

    Elizabeth |

  2. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days of the year my entire family is together