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Schedule Overwhelm And Spreading Yourself Too Thin

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We've all been there- looking at our schedule for the day, one activity right after the other, to the point one has to constantly rush from one place to the next. By the time you get home or finish for the day, you're absolutely wiped. Thankfully, there are actions you can take to avoid this in the future. 

With so many facets of life to cultivate and attend to every day, balancing work, exercise, family, and plenty else can be a struggle. It's totally understandable to have a bump or two in the road now and then.

You only have so much energy, and it's important to spend that energy wisely. Everything you do in the day takes a bit of your energy, and where you invest it is your choice. 

When you are faced with an opportunity to do something or asked to take another thing on, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why am I doing this? What merit does it have?
2. Does this align with my priorities and goals?
3. Will I still have time for mindfulness and ease in my day?
4.  Is there something I can do ahead of time to make this work?

Learn how to say no. Not everything is a must, and it can be better to just let go of the reigns once in a while. Burning yourself out isn't the answer, and committing to something in the attempt to merely please others will only set you back.

If you implement these simple questions in your life, your schedule will begin to reflect that which makes you happy and sets you up for progress in no time. 

I touch on this a bit in my book, which you can see HERE. It's completely free with Kindle Unlimited, and pretty cheap otherwise, so it's worth a look :)

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  1. Very good points. I never liked the word busy because it implied lack of priorities. Learning to say "No" is difficult, but wholeheartedly agree it's important and necessary. Thanks for sharing these questions.

    1. I completely agree with you! Thanks for reading!