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What You Should Know About Caloric Density

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Have you ever had an extremely indulgent meal, only to find yourself hungry a little while later?

If so, you'll likely want to know about caloric density and how to apply it's simple lessons to your everyday life. The concept of caloric density is quite simple, though in conversation I've noticed it's not widely known. Once you think about it, it really just makes sense physiologically. 

Not being a strict diet, it allows for greater individualization-everyone's body is a bit different and will respond differently under certain circumstances. In addition to this simple fact, we all know that life happens and having to compromise when it comes to certain cultural events or celebrations is sometimes undesirable... 

Calorically speaking, when we consume foods such with high concentrations of oil, dairy, and meat, we get less 'bang for our buck'. When we consume high volumes of fruits, vegetables, and staples such as rice, beans, and potatoes, we are more easily satiated for less calories. Aside from this benefit, you'll typically experience an elimination of issues regarding fiber intake (if you had them before). You won't have to constantly think about caloric intake, but can instead eat until you are full and satisfied while providing yourself with a more nutrient dense meal. 

Here's what I hope you do after reading this: incorporate more plants into your diet! Whatever is stopping you, I am positive there is a way around it! If you have any questions or would like some advice then definitely feel free to contact me! I can give you tips on how to shop plant-based on a budget, how to replace junk food with nutrient dense food over time, and much more! I'll even make detailed posts regarding different problems people have in adopting a more plant-centered lifestyle if anyone thinks it would be useful. 

What do you think about caloric density? Have you heard of it before? Let me know. 

Tiffany Amber

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  1. We all know that feeling... This is great information and further solidifies my love for vegetables and fruits! Thanks!

    1. Fruits and vegetables are the best! Thanks for reading!