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Retrograde Review: My Thoughts and Tips Moving On From Mercury Retrograde September 2016

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Getting more and more into astrology, I really took the time to reflect on mercury retrograde this year. Looking into the way it affects most people, anyone can see the negative connotation it has. 

I initially was apprehensive about this time, but have really come to see it as a time to pause and essentially review. We're always searching for more, searching for busyness, searching for progress. The fact that's being disregarded, however, is that progress can come from reflection too. Once you become aware of retrograde, you can use this knowledge to avoid the great frustration that is so easy to associate with it.

Why is retrograde even a significant event? What is it exactly?

Well, due to Mercury's orbit, which is much faster than ours (it goes around the sun 3 or 4 times a year), we perceive the planet as moving backward. This is not truly the case, but that's the way we see it here. What really happens is Mercury slows down then speeds back up again, creating disruption in our lives here. 

Lessons I've Learned From Mercury Retrograde 2016

In my next experience with Mercury in Retrograde, I plan to do the following things:
1.Slow down, allow myself some wiggle room.
2.Cull the things I really want in life and let go of what might have held me back.
3.Embrace change-nothing will be forever, and shouldn't be. What makes life interesting is the constant change which defines it. 
4.Allow myself to be uncomfortable-learning and adjusting cannot be done comfortably, but should not be put to the wayside either. It's important to step out of your worldview whenever you can. 
5.  Clean house- literally and physically.
6. Revisit old ordeals if they come up and possibly resolve them further. Allow for closure. 
7.  Remember not to take things personally.
8. Tie up any loose ends.

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