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Apathy Is Fruitless

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You've really got no purpose or drive in life until you care about something. Until you open your eyes a little wider and learn. Maybe the things we're exposed to are meant to be- we are shown what we need to be shown due to our unique abilities to create change or in the very least alleviate suffering in some way.

One day we're just living out our lives- waking up, working or even just existing, then going to sleep. If we're lucky, then maybe there's a faint dream of 'someday', even if there's no will to realize it. Then, in the blink of an eye,you wake up and instead of just absorbing it all, watching others pursue their ambitions,we're exposed. We're exposed to all we may have ignored before, vulnerable. You become exposed to a situation which strikes you, and shifts your worldview. Once this paradigm is different, there's really no going back. Before you really know it, you've got a mission. You've got plans for yourself and others. You have things that need to be done, and reasons to do them. It is through this empathy, this deep connection with whatever makes you look twice at your life, that passion,purpose- a true appreciation for life, along with all of it's opportunities- is born.

The only way accomplishments can be crafted is through empathy and connection-whether this connection is with a concept or another person, caring is an essential factor. Those who complain about the condition of the world yet do nothing about these observations are responsible for their own discontent; in truly being affected by something, you are driven to see your vision realized, rather than criticizing in the sidelines.

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Tiffany Amber

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