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Thankfulness Series: Week Two

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This is the second post in a series I'll be posting over the next few weeks that focuses on being in a state of gratefulness. It's so important to remain thankful for that which we have to attract more of what we want and truly acknowledge how lucky we already are. It's actually proven that through being thankful, we tend to be happier overall. So, look to these posts every Tuesday for some inspiration and maybe even start up a practice of listing the things you value every day.

Bees do so much for us and are often underappreciated; without them, we wouldn't be here.
2. Your immune system
It works hard daily to keep you here and healthy.
3. The sun
It brings light into your life every day.
4. Oxygen
Do I need to explain this one?
5. Cell phones
Cell phones let us connect with not only the ones we love but the ones we don't know yet.
6. Challenges
Whatever they are, they allow for growth.
7. Music
This expression allows for connection and individuality, and brings joy into our life.
8. Teachers
These people teach us lessons and help us to gain new knowledge.
9. Fear
The things we fear show us where we should work toward growth.
Art allows for change, symbolism, expression, and appreciation across people and cultures.

Comment the things you're thankful for down below, or let me know what you think about the things I've listed this week! 

Tiffany Amber

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