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Who Are You?

11:48:00 AM

Who are you?
Who are you without your name, your job, your myriad of 'favorites', your stories? Who are you without the influence of your environment, your friends, your culture? Do you know? Have you ever really thought about it? 

Throughout my adolescence, I've always been curious- who am I at the very core of my being? Who is anyone really? During these times of reflection, it's impossible to not see a stark difference between the 'me' of even a year or two ago and the 'me' that I am now. While I've maintained a consistent perspective, I've been dynamic in beliefs, appearance, behavior, and much more. This is because of experiences shape us throughout our life, but who we really are can only be described as the observer of these occurrences. We all have nothing and are attached to nothing in the end. We begin our life free of limiting and restrictive attachments and unfortunately accumulate them as we grow; this phenomenon can really lead to a deal of sadness if uncontemplated.

The way one can remain open and true to who they are deep down is through introspection and the recognition that you are not the labels you assign yourself nor the labels others assign you on their own. A reminder that we are all the same, that we are all here to experience what we can while we can, is extremely impactful. 

Take some time to strip yourself of the persona we all unknowingly have. Strip yourself of all that has come extraneously. Perhaps you'll agree.

Let me know what you think about who you are, and if what I believe resonates with you. 

Tiffany Amber 

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