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Winter Skin Must-Haves

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Winter Skin Must-Haves
The winter time may bring us joyous things like Christmas and New Years and hot cocoa on a snowy day, but it can also suck the moisture out of our skin because of the harsh and frigid climate. It is especially important to stay on top of keeping our bodies extra moisturized and hydrated throughout the colder months. There are so many wonderful products and even natural DIY treatments you can incorporate into your body care routine. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and conditioned, and look just as great as it feels!
It’s time to put away that watery lotion you used over the summer. The water based products that you loved over the summer aren’t the heavy duty skin conditioners you’ll need for the winter time. Oily and creamy products lock in much more moisture, and will prevent ashy-ness in your skin tone! These winter skin must haves combat dry winter skin and are sure to keep your skin from getting rough, cracked, and flaking or peeling off, as well as staying conditioned, hydrated, and radiant!
Body Butters
Body butters are much thicker and heavier than traditional lotions and contain conditioning oils in them instead of mostly water. These butters condition your skin while locking in moisture and protecting it from the harsh winter weather that threatens to dry your skin out!
When I first got into body butters my favorite ones came from The Body Shop. If you prefer to go as natural as possible or want to save some more money, you can easily make your own body butter at home! Just pick up some 100% pure and unprocessed butter like cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter. You want to melt it down in a double boiler. Microwaving it will just ruin it’s nutrients. You can mix in any essential oils you like, such as lavender or peppermint. You can even get fancy and add a little cocoa powder or cinnamon and vanilla for a delicious smelling aroma. Next cool the butter in a refrigerator or freezer until it’s solidified. Use an electric mixer and whip the butter until it’s frothy like whipped topping. You’ve now got your very own, customized body butter that you can use all over your body for smooth and hydrated skin!
Shower Cream
Like body butters, they are much thicker in consistency and contain more hydrating oils and other naturally conditioning ingredients, compared to its water-based counterpart, shower gel. Since water is more likely to contribute to drying your skin out during the colder times of the year, using more oil based products are effective at locking in that extra hydration your skin needs, as well as making it look healthy and radiant all the time!
My favorite shower creams are from the Body Shop, once again! My top pick is their Coconut Shower Cream. It smells amazing and it really makes my skin feel like I can skip the body lotion/body butter part after my shower (although I’d advise you against that!) It feels so conditioned and buttery smooth; I love it! It’s a wonderful option for those of you that are after cruelty free products!

Sugar Scrub
Sugar scrubs are fairly simple: they’re made of sugar and oils. This scrub sloughs away dead skin cells revealing a new, fresh, and healthy layer of skin simultaneously adding moisture and hydration back in due to the oils in it. After adding a sugar scrub into my shower routine, I never looked back. They truly make a HUGE difference. Be careful when looking in the store for sugar scrubs. If you’re a person really into her natural skin care, you may be a bit put off by a lot of the more popular sugar scrubs that are filled with more chemicals and preservatives. However, there are some on the market that are formulated with all-natural products, such as The Burt’s Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub. It’s fairly affordable and smells delicious!
If you prefer to make your own, it’s even simpler than making your own body butter! Simply mix some table sugar with an oil of your choice, like coconut oil or olive oil. Mix until it’s all mushy and you’re done. Add any extra drops of essential oils you’d like. If you love delicious or exotic smelling body care products as well as experimenting and trying new things the internet is chock full of many variations and recipes you can try!
By incorporating these products into your winter body care routine, your skin will definitely thank you!

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