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My Favorite Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Products

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Today I wanted to show you my favorite products to transition to a more environmentally friendly home and kitchen; I began this process last year and always love looking for new products to share with others! These are those that I've found useful and love- let me know if you've tried any or would like to in the future; I'd love to hear what you've got to say. 

Up first are these silicone bag ties, which are fantastic for reusing bags and shopping in bulk food stores. These work with a variety of bags and can be used over and over again.

Next is this silicone reusable bag, which I've loved for taking snacks to my classes and on weekend outings. These are far cheaper than continuously buying plastic zip-locks in the long run and I happen to love the way they keep my snacks secure. If you're more interested in a larger bag, I've included one I like later on in this post. 

These silicone containers are great for smaller kids, but I think they can be used by anyone! As you can see in the photo, they can be utilised for a variety of purposes- whether you're looking to carry a trail mix or cut-up vegetables or even frozen ice pops, these surpass expectations. One situation in which I'd use these for food as opposed to the above square snack bag is a trip where my bag doesn't have a great deal of space; these store food vertically and in a slim manner so they can be slid into any carrying case with ease.

This reusable silicone bag is essentially the same as the smaller one I've already discussed, but this one carries up to a liter of food.This is completely BPA-free, so there are no worries as far as health goes. This can be used for meal prep and freezer storage too, so definitely check it out if you want to start moving away from disposable plastic bags. 
These jars are entirely glass, so they're far safer than plastic food jars. You could use these for your baby (if you have one) and prepare their own food so you're aware of how it's made and what exactly is in it. This doesn't have to be used solely for baby food- it is great for canning and creating jam too (if that's what you're into).
This next item, a bag for washing and containing cleaning fabrics, goes along with the microfiber cloths I've mentioned below. This past year, one of the biggest endeavours I've taken on is the elimination of paper towels. To do this, I've created a system where my used cleaning cloths go into a bag I throw in the washer every week.  I hang this on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets and then wash it as soon as it gets full. 
Microfiber cloths like these are my absolute favorite for cleaning. They absorb all I need, leave no streaks whatsoever, and manage to get everything up without a hard time. 
I've managed to reduce the amount of straws I use by a huge amount just through this one purchase. They last literally forever and even come with a little cleaner, which is nice. Pro tip: bring one or two of these with you in your bag or car so you won't have to use them at restaurants or in the drive-thru. 
I think OXO has a great deal of products worth talking about, but I really love this one in particular. This dish brush has space for you to pour your choice of dish soap (I love this castile soap from Dr. Bronners), PLUS it's long lasting in that once the head gets too dirty, you can replace it and keep the handle/body of the brush. If you're on the lookout for something like this, OXO's is my favorite. 

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