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Be More Powerful With Introversion

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Introverts can truly harness a great deal of power when they use certain techniques- techniques I'm about to delve into for you right now. I've personally used these and find them to be amazing tools for overall success and happiness as an introvert. 

Prepare Ahead of Time
In my own life, presentations and even important meetings have stressed me out to the point I can't function! That's no way to live, but preparing beforehand can be so influential! Even if you have to prep a bit more than your average extrovert, you'll be saving yourself a ton of stress and ensuring your message gets shared in a clear and effective way. 

Journal it Out
When you map out your thought process, you're more able to pinpoint where exactly any doubt or mishap may have stemmed from. Not only this, but you'll be more apt to stay in tune with yourself, projecting a more genuine and sincere representation of who you are and what you believe in. Introverts are naturally skilled when it comes to taking information in and processing it. It only makes sense that they'd also be great at synthesizing this information into helpful content! Even should one write out there experience in life for themselves, such writing can serve as a means of further understanding of oneself. 

Guide Important Conversation
Touching once more on the skill of understanding, introversion is a blessing in that you can sense each person's viewpoint and end-goal. This can be used to lead conversations without coming across as overbearing or a "conversation hog"; all you really need to do is listen to conversations that take place and then craft questions that provoke the optimal, most balanced, end result. Extroverts will struggle with this, but you will shine, knowing just how to bring the important aspects of interaction into focus for the rest of the group. 

Plan for Recharge Time
Set aside time for solitude from the get-go and you'll be more able to handle any existing curveballs. If you've got a window specifically meant to rejuvenate and renew, you can use it when it's necessary; the knowledge of when to take advantage of this is pretty much innate- you're going to know when you have to step away, and if it's planned you'll be able to listen to your instincts.


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  1. you are so correct regarding conversations! by not speaking, we may ascertain far more from others than extroverts, who are usually just waiting for their opportunity to interject! i find this to be a great advantage in understanding people and making decisions regarding their true goals. i can't imagine ever taking lead on any subject - (at least not in person!) but your advice is valuable!