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2016 Accomplishments and 2017 Goals

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2016 has truly been a crazy year- and a transformative one at that. I am in a completely different place than I was one year ago and I’m so happy for it!

This was the year I finally decided to go for it; I would always say that I wanted to do this or that but never get around to it because of the various excuses I had made. In truth, through taking small steps everyday I have realized that there’s no age minimum, no experience required, to go after your big goals. 

When we have ideas, there’s usually a reason; we’re meant to carry certain things out and bring ideas to life while we’re here on this earth. When we’re gifted with a vision it’s usually because we personally are set up with the right skill set to develop it into a reality. 

Just a snippet of what I’ve done this year:
-I wrote and published my own book (free for Kindle Unlimited users, extremely cheap otherwise, FIND IT HERE)
-I started my Youtube  and blog.
-I focused in on educating myself and going deeper into spirituality
-I reached out to so many new people and have ended up creating a community of like-minded individuals that I absolutely love and cherish! If you’d like to be a part of it, just click here for endless support and love! 
-I began writing and editing for various sites online, including Affinity Mag and Odyssey. 
-I crafted my own course starting this January (for FREE) to help others revamp and enhance their lives. You can still access materials after it starts.
-I created several products, creations of my own, to share with the world- check out my natural and non-toxic necklaces in the sidebar of this site (scroll down if you're on mobile) and my online meditation. 
-I set out on graduating early. 

This year has been life-changing and I know that 2017 will only bring more excitement. I am so, so grateful for all of you and all that is; the future has endless possibilities and the moral of this story is that you should be trying to take advantage of them! There’s nothing stopping you, and I would love to join you in your journey to accomplishing all you’d like to. Never shy away from sharing your goals or plans with me, I’ll be your cheerleader! 

I like to set actionable and achievable goals, but I think active pursuit of character development is just as important. This year I will be more secure in myself; no more degrading myself before anyone else can (I’m sure that some of you can relate to this)- I work hard and really know that this merits me believing in myself, at the very least. 2017 will mean lots of exploring myself even further, and being mindful while I do. The more I search inside myself the more I know how connected we all are. We come from the same place deep down and that’s what matters, regardless of the pain projected outwards that can distract us from that. Love is all that matters in the end! 

I will continue building my community of ambitious and wonderful people, and we all know what that means- real change. Real connections lead to real action and progress with whatever is being worked on. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all got cooking up. 

This year will be big as far as content creation goes, so be prepared for that! If you’re interested in seeing the three posts I craft on a weekly basis, subscribe HERE. Be on the lookout for tons of videos, livestreams, and maybe even an app! Who knows what the year will bring? 

Thank you for reading all of this. Thank you for everything. 

What are you most proud of from this past year? What are you excited about for the coming one? I would be more than delighted to know, so drop me a comment, shoot me an email  (tiffany.dingley@gmail.com) or maybe send me a DM via Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. I love this! The entire tone of this post was so warm and full of positivity. You've accomplished some wonderful things and I'm sure whatever you do next will be amazing too. One of my goals for the year is to finally complete a novel that I've left sitting around for 8 years; hopefully this will be the year that the world hears its story

    Zehra xx