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Staying Organized In 2017

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Is staying organised something you struggle with? I’m not gonna lie- I’ve been there too! I do tend to mix up dates and things on my to-do list, which is exactly why I need to have everything written out, no matter how small! This past year really called for an upgrade as far as my planning system went.
If you currently don’t use a planner, GET ONE! It’s gotta be the best way to get all your ideas out there rather than leaving them jumbled in your head. Don’t lose your precious ideas! They can lead to amazing things, and deserve to be pursued. You yourself deserve the opportunity to pursue your dreams. If the only thing holding you back from that is taking 5 or 6 minutes a day to plan and braindump, why not?

If you’re someone who struggles with having everything laid out but can’t afford a physical planner right now, I’ve actually designed a FREE printable for that very purpose.

I got my Day Designer for 2017 in the mail a couple days ago, and I’m more than excited to use it! That probably makes me sound like the biggest geek ever, but it’s true! I’ve grown to love having everything lined out, and this planner in particular looks like a perfect fit for me.
I’ve been using three different means of planning to cover all the things I like outlined. For 2016, I used a desk calendar, agenda, separate to-do list journal, gratitude journal, and ideas journal. I know what you’re thinking- why not just use one big lined notebook? For whatever reason, I can’t do it; I really just need to have distinct sections to categorize all of my thoughts. This one planner combines it all AND is separated for each section, each day (which will come in handy when I need to find a random thought or note from a specific date). If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a fan of simplifying whenever possible- this does that!

Here are some of the sections this planner has:
  • Extra Pocket Folder
  • Yearly Goals
  • Monthly Actions
  • Weekly Routines
  • Today's Schedule
  • Daily To-Do
  • Top Three Tasks
  • Due, Dollars, Don't Forget
  • Notes (this is where I'll put my random ideas so I can let them continue to grow and develop)
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Three Column Note Pages
  • Daily Inspirational Quotes

I really love how the Day Designer has covered every aspect of my life, and is letting me plan for an amazing 2017. I know we'll achieve a TON this year; I cannot wait to accomplish it all with you! If you'd like to be a bigger part of this inspired community, join our Facebook group that's chock full of free resources and support, all for you! You deserve to crush this year. I want to help you do it.

Do you currently use a planner? Which is your favorite? What are your favorite tips for staying organized?

Leave me a comment below! I genuinely love seeing your comments and it really makes my day!

FTC: All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post! I always strive to support companies I love and this is definitely one of them. 

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