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Live a Balanced Life Through Time Perspectives: Featuring Philip Zimbardo

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Philip Zimbardo- the psychologist infamous for his Stanford Prison Experiment- covers the psychology of time in this TED Talk from February of 2009. While this may come off as outdated at first, the key takeaways from this remain relevant today and for the future as far as I can see. He touches on our different time perspectives- positive and negative views of past, present, and future. Through his personal experience, Zimbardo posits that living without examination of one's perspective really does no help; self-contemplation is the key to success! 

Our life experience is divided by how we analyze and absorb various things within it; are we comparing current experiencing to what we want in the future? Are we stuck in the past? Are we not reflecting enough by staying too engrossed in the moment? 

What many of us should really focus on more is the ways in which we can use time perspectives to change our lives intentionally. Living your life without examining such perspectives only sets you up for failure. Through modifying our perspective we can accomplish more- and in a happier, healthier way. 

Workaholism is just as productive as complete hedonism- there needs to be a balance. We as humans are simply not machines; we need down time and time spend on productivity.

The holidays are really a time to take a breather and come to some conclusions about where you want to be, where you currently are, and where you've been. 

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