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What A Week Without Meditation Will Do To You

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You've seen it before- "A week without exercise will do ___. A month without exercise does ___." There are plenty of resources out there detailing exactly what happens to our bodies without the motion it craves. Does the same thing happen to our minds?

I've been extremely busy this past month, and barely had any time to sit down, reflect, and meditate. Let me just say- this fact permeated and affected many areas of my life. I was truthfully much more easily frustrated and overwhelmed, and felt a lot more struggle to stay positive. 

Luckily, I've come to realize the source of my uneasiness had arisen from a lack of time dedicated to meditation and mindfulness. The people in my life had even noticed. That's part of the beauty of meditation- you can always build back up. 

The one thing this has me wondering- if this is what a lack of mindfulness feels like now, how did I go so long without it? Why did I accept this rocky feeling as being normal? I have no answer to this, however, what I do know is that I'd like to show others the easier state of being that's accompanied by being mindful and taking a little bit everyday to meditate. 

I've talked about meditation before, so if you haven't committed to this practice yet and are interested, I think you'll appreciate the resource. Comment below whether or not you've experienced this!

Tiffany Amber

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