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Not Held Back: Fall 2016 Challenge and Giveaway From Compassionate Paws!!

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Hey everyone! Today I'd like to tell you about my new challenge and giveaway that Eliana Chinea have developed together! This challenge was created in the effort to help you let go of all that's held you back and prepare for what's to come. Over the course of five days, we've enlisted different activities for you to do which serve this purpose. 

To participate:
1. Complete whatever activity is listed every day and post about it on social media using the hashtag #NotHeldBack2016. 
2. Be sure to follow the hosts on Instagram: Eliana and myself 
3. Follow our giveaway sponsor: @CompassionatePaws
4. Subscribe to the hosts on Youtube: Eliana Chinea and Tiffany Amber 

We are super excited to announce that at the end of this challenge we'll be giving away a necklace from our sponsor, Compassionate Paws! 

Day 1 - Write down all that has held you back, and meditate for 15 minutes on releasing these things.

Day 2 - Today, dedicate at least 45 minutes to getting active (working out,yoga,walking). Get your lymphatic system going, release any built up toxins.

Day 3 - List those whom you've had any conflicts with. List those who you've idolized and compared yourself to, leading to a negative self-image. Choose to forgive today. This could mean reaching out to someone or even just reaching acceptance and a state of peace on your own.

Day 4 - Write down all the habits that you no longer wish to have and track your progress in a journal.

Day 5 - Write a letter to your past self, giving the advice you'd like for the future.

Here is the challenge photo, which will be posted everywhere as well. I look forward to hearing about what each day entails for all of you! 

*UPDATE* 12/21/2016: My Instagram has since been changed to

Tiffany Amber

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