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Being A Celebrity Without A Message

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When you grow, either through social media or the entertainment industry, you have the opportunity to be a voice. You have the chance to send a message and make a difference. While there are many celebrities today who do just this, there are many others who do not. My question is, what's the point in being a celebrity without a message? Why spend your life based on egocentric pursuits? 

The playing field gets leveled out in the end, and fame ceases to matter. So what's the motive? Where's the logic? Let's be frank here, those influencers without anything meaningful to say are everywhere- yes, I'm looking at you, Kim K. I'm not bashing her because of anything she's said or done, or even why she's gotten the following she has. My only qualm is that she doesn't represent anything bigger than herself. When you shape public opinion and inspire action on the part of everyday people, you have a moral obligation to better society with that power. Many do not live up to this obligation, and instead use their influence to aggregate their personal success.  

Yes. Many with fame are known to "lend a hand" for publicity after some natural disaster; that's exactly what it is though- a publicity stunt, a "photo opp". Today's entertainers and public figures sell out before they speak up all too often. 

Being that the general public holds the true power and gives it out to who we see fit, let's choose to celebrate those who dedicate themselves to helping others. When we choose to do this, we'll see the public focus shift from seeking distraction constantly to working for a unified and functional society that brings up the most disadvantaged while eschewing from the greed of the most wealthy which plagues our society today.

Tiffany Amber

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  1. This is a really good question, I think some of them are so obsessed with fame & money that they can't see past that to anything of substance,

    1. I definitely agree with that! Thanks for reading!