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Study Music You Should Be Listening to In 2016

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There are two types of people in this world-those who can study with music, and those who cannot. This list is technically for those who can and enjoy doing so, but I think these are great for any time, whether you're showering or heading home! 

1. Moon- RXN
This is an old favorite of mine,and I don't know that I'll ever get tired of it. Maybe I just like songs I know when studying...This is good regardless.

Give it a go.

3. Evenings-Friend
Not gonna lie I listen to this in the shower more than anything... I listen to it on car rides... I put it on when I study...This one is great overall for when you're all in your head and can't seem to calm your mind. 

4. ROM-Free As A Bird
This is all instrumental, but I could listen to it without even studying! The reason I still include it is due to the fact it remains interesting without being TOO interesting as to distract me. 

This one is not quite an instrumental, as it has some vocals, but they won't be distracting either. I love the way this song flows as well- it definitely helps me to get lost almost in my work. 

6. Piano Beach- Swirvin Irvin
I would recommend this if you're looking for more of an upbeat and faster-pace3d instrumental. 

7. Sunfalls-Goldwish
This is all I've heard from this artist but I really enjoy it! 

8. Higher-Ta-ku (Flume Remix)
This is very uplifting and happy sounding, so I tend to listen to it in the mornings, but this is another amazing song overall. Plus, I believe it's a free download!

9. Cleam- Mister Lies
Cleam is a bit more quiet, for sure. If that's what you're looking for, this is it.

10. Stars- Oliver
This one starts off a little slow, but picks up not too far in.

The best part about this mix is how long it is. Plus, while it is long, it remains interesting. All of her mixes are great-definitely check them out.

12. Away From You- Myrror
Myrror has created a large number of tracks, but I love love love this one.

13. Aso-Yoga Bird-Auratheory
Extremely calming.

14. Zen-Chinsaku
This song has an almost...refreshing effect on me, which is always a plus when I'm usually tired and overworked in the last stretch the night before a test.

15. Deku-Whispa
I'm still a little iffy on this one, but I definitely like it for relaxing in general...Let me know what you think!

16. The Way Things Are- Fast Wolf
I think everyone can agree this is a good one. 

17. We Can't Be Friends- Dream Koala
I found this recently, but have definitely been liking it so far!

This song is simple but also perfect at blocking out the other noise wherever I'm at.

19. All About You- Yung Sherman
Another song I mostly listen to in the shower but also working for cram sessions or afternoons in the library.

20. Beneath The Flowers- Kuma
This last song is focused on vocals, but also has a nice beat to work to. 
If you have any recommendations for good study songs please share them with me! I'd love to add to my list, and I'm always looking for great music. 

Love and Light,

Tiffany Amber

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