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7 Books You Need to Read this Fall

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1. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
This book is based in Kansas, and is based on the murder of Libby Day's mother and two sisters. Her brother was convicted the murderer, and Libby testifies this. I really loved the whole book, and didn't put it down once. Definitely give it a go if you're someone who likes murder mystery-type books.

2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
This book is by James Redfield, and is a really interesting take on important aphorisms anyone can benefit from learning. The story follows like a fiction, with the narrative traveling and meeting new people to learn about an ancient manuscript full of spiritual truths. I actually just finished this, and would definitely recommend it. 

3. Revolution by Russell Brand
Brand is overall an extremely captivating writer, while still being down to earth and genuine in his words. This book shifted my perspectives on a lot of different things, from the monarchy to mall developments... The range of topics he discusses is far too wide to put in a description here,but really-read the book.

4.Brain Rules by John Medina
As someone who is passionate about psychology and living your best life, this book enthralled me from the minute I checked it out. Medina himself is extremely educated, and used the principles he discusses to format his book in a way it's understandable. An example of this being that he sums up his main points at the end of each chapter; this way, even if some of the reading is dense, you'll be able to have the main takeaway and implement it in your life regardless.

5. The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
This one makes you contemplate all that you contribute every day, often without realizing it. Using a large arsenal of statistics, Annie Leonard argues that we all should be using our dollars to support ethically and environmentally sustainable products; I agree! It's important to be informed on the purchases we make, along with how they impact our bodies, our society, and our Earth.

6. Food, Inc. by Karl Weber
I originally read this book for my AP Human Geography class, and don't get me wrong- most of the books we have to read for classes are kinda dreadful, but this is by far my favorite. Its definitely a great introduction to our food system and how it's come to be this way.

7. Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson
This one is also focused on sustainable living, but I found it valuable because it was infused with actionable and useful content along with her personal experiences. The writer is a great example of how aligning your life (at any age) to your values, spreading an idea, and making a living off your passion is possible. Truly inspiring. 

What books do you recommend this fall? Comment below.

Love and Light,

Tiffany Amber

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