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Save the Bees: A Necessary Endeavor

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From learning about recent mass deaths due to the overhead Zika spraying of pesticides to the I think we've all known that the day the bees became endangered was coming. It's not one of those situations where one day they're fine and well and the next they're struggling to survive as a species. Their decline has been continuous, and little has really been done about it. 

However, with the previous awareness put aside, we realize that right now calls for action still. There is still now to act and hopefully revive their numbers. This action is more important than many realize, because we would not likely survive their extinction. If they go down, they're bringing us with them; we rely so heavily on their pollination for our food that it's been estimated we would not survive more than four years (Einstein). Even if you aren't plant-based, bees are absolutely essential for the grass that feed cattle (therefore no milk or cheese).  

What can we do?

-Grow bee-friendly plants in your garden such as:sage, lavender, cilantro, thyme, fennel, geranium, sunflower, poppy, calendula, buttercup, and more! 

-Choose to buy honey (if you buy it already) from reputable sellers who do not harvest the honey unsustainably. This is important, so try to find a good deal on natural and raw honey. 

-Set up a bee waterer! You can do this by filling a pan or dish with marbles (so they don't drown) and then adding water. Set this outside so they don't dehydrate or go somewhere else they could drown.

-Let your weeds grow! Bees thrive in conditions full of dandelions and clover, so even letting the backyard grow a bit makes a world of difference. 

-Talk about the above options and why bees are important. Many are unaware of how important they are in our world, especially the younger generations. Maybe even share this post with others! The more an idea spreads, the better it's impact is.

Let me know which of these options are most doable for you, and what you plan to do!

Tiffany Amber

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