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Destination Recommendations: Hopscotch in San Antonio

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Entrance to the art gallery Hopscotch, in downtown San Antonio, Texas

Hopscotch is located right in downtown San Antonio, just minutes from the Riverwalk. As you enter the building, you are greeted with a bright and open space featuring a beautiful lounge as well as the Sotolscope (a kaleidoscope-like device with mesmerizing views on both ends). 

Lounge in Hopscotch, San Antonio, Texas

Not only are beverages available before your visit, Hopscotch also brings in local food trucks to their patio for a myriad of great bites. There are a variety of unique cocktails, beers, wines, and zero-proof cocktails in the lounge as well, with enough options that everyone can find something they will love. I have a strong affinity for mezcal, so I tried out the Jupiter Ascending cocktail- I was not dissapointed in any way and can not get over how well it paired with the Licor 43, Coco Lopez, pineapple juice, and lime juice. It is an unforgettably delicious concoction! If you also enjoy liquors that tend to be more uncommon in bars, like mezcal or sotol, know you will definitely be pleased with their variety. Taking a glance at their menu will give you a glimpse at the whimsical nature that this entire location is filled with. 

This is the Jupiter Ascending drink from Hopscotch in San Antonio, with mezcal, Licor 43, pinapple juice, lime juice, and Coco Lopez

Once you've got a tasty drink, it's time to head downstairs and dive into the exhibits! This is meant to be taken literally for one of them- make sure to bring a pair of socks so you can enjoy the glowing expansive ball pit made for people of all ages. I would recommend doing this toward the end of your exploration downstairs as it can leave you a bit sweaty, but in the most enjoyable way!

This is a photo inside one of the glowing exhibits that Let's Hopscotch in San Antonio has to offer.

 There are a ton of other interactive, colorful, and technology-infused exhibits nearby too- all featuring explanation plaques right outside to debrief visitors on what they are about to experience. One of my favorites was the room themed around secrets, where you can listen to a seemingly endless series of confessions or even share one yourself.

"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets" display in an exhibit Hopscotch in San Antonio shares.

Each space you step into holds a completely one-of-a-kind experience to be had, with many offering visitors the opportunity to engage personally with the art. Whether your image is captured or transformed through some magic and a camera or you yourself are leaving a mark with a digital spray paint can, your time in this gallery will without a doubt be very personalized.

Art gallery exhibit with an image of a women whose hands are on her face and her eyes glow with fire, located at Hopscotch San Antonio

If you have an upcoming trip to San Antonio, live in Texas, or are local to the area- make sure to stop by. Hopscotch is a must-see attraction and is unforgettable! There are a ton of great photo opportunities and unique art that will leave you mindblown. When you grab your tickets, make sure to fill out the waiver ahead of time too so that you can head straight in when you arrive. 

Disclaimer: Hopscotch was kind enough to host me for this experience- however, as always, all of my opinons are my own and I truly recommend going!

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