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Destination Recommendation: Fairgrounds St. Pete

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If you live near SWFL or are planning a visit anytime soon, then you need to know that Fairgrounds St. Pete is a must-see museum to explore when you have the chance. Rain or shine, you will want to make time for this indoor, interactive art and technology museum that will send your imagination on a trip to an alluring mermaid motel full of mystery. 

Walking through the myriad of rooms, visiters get to experience the work of over 60 artists as they unravel what may have happened to Jax during her stay at the Mermaid Star Motel. Now, I won't give away too much so as to not spoil your experience but the exhibits are stunning, to say the least. I would highly suggest bringing along a partner or friend for the many photo oppotunities within Fairgrounds St. Pete, from the lovely Sunnymooners Suite to the Strawberry Room (two of my personal favorites). 

Each exhibit is unique in its own right and while some definitely have a bit of an Old Florida feel to them, others can only be described as otherworldly whilst still adding to your ultimate perception of the overarching theme.  Another aspect of this museum that I truly appreciated was the ability to gain a deeper understanding of the individual exhibits through scanning a QR code. Each code opens a link that leads you to an in-depth explanation and helps the puzzle pieces of the story you discover come together more quickly too. 

If you do end up visiting Fairgrounds, be sure to let them know I sent you! I really think that a trip to St. Pete wouldn't be complete without a stop here. Also, don't forget to walk through the exhibits in the entrance either before or after your time exploring the depths of the Mermaid Star Motel and all of its mysteries. 

FTC Disclaimer: Fairgrounds St. Pete was so gracious to host me for this visit, however all opinions are my own (as always). 

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