My Favorite Astrology Apps in 2020 | Tiffany Amber - TAMBERDI

My Favorite Astrology Apps in 2020 | Tiffany Amber

10:40:00 AM

via IFTTT All of my current favorite astrology apps in one video! Do you use any others that you think I'd like? Please let me know down below! Thanks for watching :) You can follow me here: 📸 ig: ✌️ twitter: 👻 snap: ✈️️Get $35 off your AIRBNB stay: 💌 For inquiries, collaborations and more, send an email to Books I Recommend: The Celestine Prophecy- Revolution- Other key words: astrology, zodiac signs, birth chart, natal chart, full moon, co-star, the pattern, tiffany amber, tamberdi FTC: This is not a sponsored video, all opinions are my own!

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