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My Health Story in 2019 and Supplements I'm Trying (Guest Post for Dr. Vitamin Solutions Site)

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My Health Story in 2019

This year I have really been focusing on my health- going outside, being active, and most importantly, getting the right nutrients every day. If you know me, you know I love superfoods, supplements, and pretty much anything health/wellness-related! That’s why I was so excited to receive my latest haul from DR Vitamin Solutions; they share my values, cater to those aforementioned interests, and carry items I would never know existed otherwise!

Review of RemedyLink Satori Spiritual Support Complex

I have been fascinated with the Pineal Gland and its connection to our daily lives for years, this is why I was interested to review RemedyLink Satori. 
Physiologically speaking, this gland is responsible for reproductive hormone regulation, melatonin production, and the maintenance of circadian rhythm. (1) Various cultures around the world have revered this small pinecone-shaped gland found in the brain’s middle for its ability to kindle “connection with spirit”, high levels of consciousness, awareness, and clarity. When the third eye or pineal gland is neglected, it’s said cynicism, negativity, uncertainty, and feelings of confusion can run rampant.
Of course, in learning this, I sought out ways I could pay attention to this important organ. I never actually knew supplements existed to help you progress spiritually for so long though. I believe that’s because they are far and few between; it is truly hard to find one worth investing in that has a true effect on you. When I decided to try out the Remedylink Satori Supplement I was surprised by its packaging.

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