MY SKINCARE FAVORITES SPRING 2017 ft. Bioclarity // Tiffany Amber - TAMBERDI

MY SKINCARE FAVORITES SPRING 2017 ft. Bioclarity // Tiffany Amber

1:22:00 PM

I have always been a relatively open person when referring to my skincare changes and issues. In earlier years, I would go to crazy products and treatments to try and eliminate my acne. It was absolutely something that affected how I saw myself, something I thought affected how others saw me.

I later became educated on the effects products have on our body, and learned that sometimes less is more! Less chemicals, less acid, less fuss- this all led to more satisfaction with my skin and what I look like.

Throwing away an endless array of products isn't easy, believe me! However, I have to say that Bioclarity is something that made me okay with eliminating all my old products once and for all. I no longer have to worry about what's going in my skin (this line is natural and will STILL blow your mind away with it's results). I was a bit apprehensive at first, but it is in fact clinically proven to work, should you use it correctly.

This set is something I decided to try out around a month ago and have been religiously using, day and night. I can tell you that this works for days but honestly I feel pictures speak louder than words in this instance (I know, shocking). Have a look below and tell me this doesn't make a difference!

If you're interested in trying this out, then use the code TAMBERDI because your girl scored you a coupon for HALF OFF! That's right. Thank me later.

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