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The Buzz On Cold Shower Therapy

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If you're like me, you've had to talk yourself into getting in the shower without it being warmed up, especially in the dead of winter. However, we could all use the opportunity to experience a variety of health benefits every time we wash up. Cold showers are unbelievably beneficial for our bodies, especially over time. This post will highlight just some of the numerous benefits present in turning down the temperature.

Mental Health
From lessening stress to alleviating the symptoms of depression, it's surprising how beneficial something so seemingly dreadful can be. Shower therapy is the often uncovered yet impactful step towards mental wellbeing we all could take. 

Increases Mental Clarity and Attention
While we might despise the shockingly cool temps, they surely wake us up first thing in the morning! Our attention and ability to make decisions respond well to the chill, and we may even experience a bolt of energy from it!

Supports Healthy, Shiny Hair
Our hair is stronger, fuller, and healthier overall when we choose chilly temperatures over the arguably more comfortable ones. While hot water tends to dry out our skin, cold water benefits oil distribution not only in our hair but also throughout our body; our skin and cuticles are nourished through repeated exposed to icy showers. 

Improves Circulation
Immersion in cool water automatically brings increased blood flow to our organs and throughout our whole body. Our body pumps blood more efficiently when we're exposed to cold temperatures so why not give it a go?

Even while the dreaded and skin-cringing moments under the icy cool water still aren't our favorite, they do have their merit. It's important to consider the reasoning behind cooler showers, and incorporating icier water (even if just for a minute or two at the end) can have miraculous effects for health.

Love and Light,

Tiffany Amber

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  1. Ok. You got me thinking. I just may try it. I just happened to read your post after a super hot shower! lol