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Remember to Grow On Your Own Too

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When you're in a relationship with someone, platonic or romantic, ultimately the reason you continue seeing them is due to the reason you love spending time with them and you love growing with them. 

While this is all well and good, it's so important to see that growth is necessary as a sole entity as well. The truth is, you won't always have someone to be with, and solitude with present itself eventually. Don't look at that truth as a negative though. 

Choose to look at all the opportunities to be alone in a positive light, and know that in individual growth, a greater connection can be cultivated when you do reconnect with others- you'll actually have something new to talk about. 

When there's nothing new going on, both life and relationships can become redundant.  When you keep working on yourself while in a relationship, there's no chance for boring. There will always be something new one of you is working on or passionate about, and that's part of what makes relationships interesting in the first place.

Overall, I think that the key to cultivating healthy and long-lasting relationships (of any sort) with others is learning to love fully without possession, and remaining a sole entity-an individual. 

Tiffany Amber

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