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Serving Yourself

4:16:00 PM

Start thinking about the opportunities today will bring. 

What do you want to have embodied at the end of it? If you struggle thinking about anything specific, I would say to just go back to love. Love is where I believe everyone can find themselves centered. 

Make choices based on your own intuition. Stop and take some time to look deep inside yourself. Choose to take actions daily which make you feel inspired and full of motivation to enjoy what you have… Sometimes this entails making a hard choice or doing what you have been putting off. 

Serving your future self today is an investment and one you can grow to appreciate. I have in my own life; I will admit, it's hard to push yourself when you know instant gratification is not a factor. However, when we make actions that propel us toward our goals we build up a momentum that makes it easier over time and still reaps benefits. 

Be sure that everything you do is done with intention. Let go of stagnancy and being idle. Discover what makes you happy and go after incorporating that in the everyday. Even better, learn to be happy with the bare minimum; learn to find happiness inside yourself.  There is an abundance of it to be had in this time here- it’s not for an elite group of people. We all can have joy, it's just in learning to access it. I hope you take this and find it at least a little inspiring or helpful. Don't forget to let me know what your thoughts are below!

Tiffany Amber

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