I am Tiffany Amber, the blogger behind tamberdi.com. Accompanying this title is YouTuber, motivator, freelance writer, editor, and social media manager. I do quite a bit, and it all comes together to represent the things I love; what I love the most though is helping people achieve what they want. It's gotta be the most amazing feeling, knowing you've inspired someone to enact change in their life. 
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been beyond curious about the potential that we all unquestionably have. I wanted to delve deep and discover how to live out this potential; what exactly is it that makes people thrive? What is it that leads to satisfaction and success, happiness and free-range creativity? Why do some people struggle with a wealth of opportunity while others soar to new heights with so little?
All these questions led to long nights reading, even longer nights overthinking, and eventually to the creation of this website, where I share all that I've learned, loved, and implemented in my own life. 
I am quite passionate about a myriad of seemingly unrelated things: writing, psychology, personal development, entrepreneurship, social justice, spirituality, and fitness- and that's not all! Somehow, these interests all came together here and I think that's what I love the very most about this site!
I think we dream of doing certain things for a reason; it's my mission to help you live them out. You'll find lots of fresh content here to help you do just that. If you'd like to stay in touch and receive access to a multitude of free resources created by me (and with you in mind), just click here.