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The Best Places to Eat in Boston

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Today I'll be sharing my favorite places from my recent trip to Boston. A vlog of this trip will actually be up very soon on Youtube (if you haven't seen my most recent videos though, be sure to catch up in the meantime). Being that I am plant-based, I love sharing places where options for those who share my diet are served.

The first place in this list is El Pelon Taquiera. This restaurant is not only authentic, but also extremely affordable! If I ever live in Boston (or near their second location) this would absolutely be somewhere I visit frequently. They offer lots of yummy Mexican cuisine (for both those who are plant-based and those who aren't). Overall, El Pelon Taquiera definitely ranks on places to go when in Massachusetts (especially if you're by Fenway!

After this we decided to check out Dig Inn, which is 100% my new favorite place; I really hope to see these around me soon because of how much I love what they stand for. That which they serve is sustainably sourced, healthy for you, fresh, and locally sourced.

More restaurants and eateries should aspire to be like Dig Inn in terms of living up to such high ethical standards! Not only that, but the overall aesthetic within the restaurant was so unique and inviting. Their market bowls are really what make Dig Inn one of a kind. You can make your own personalized and unique combination to satisfy all cravings and diets. While here, I decided to order some kale, tofu, and quinoa (with sweet potatoes on the side to save for later, of course). Altogether, this was really satisfying and all the employees theres were kind and friendly as well.

To finish off the day, I swung by Mother Juice. Before even heading in the place, I was struck by how intriguing this location was. The entire street was filled with quaint little shops and I'm sure I could've gotten lost there for quite some time if I had the opportunity to check out more.


Once you head inside, you're met with lots of cute decor and plants just radiating good vibes. I myself am always indecisive when it comes to options (they all sounded amazing!) So I asked an employee to help me out; everyone there was extremely helpful and definitely knew what they were talking about, so I tried the favorite Kale Yea juice. They served juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls, and more! I'd highly, highly recommend to anyone who loves fresh, plant-based eating. 

Have you been to any of these places? Where else would you recommend in Boston? 

Let me know or reach out via social media.

Tiffany Amber

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