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How to be a Healthy Foodie: Guest Post from Marsha Sommervil

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So 2017 is on a roll! If you’re like me, one of your many New Year’s Resolutions was to eat more healthy foods. However, being a foodie can make this resolution a bit tricky to follow through. Have no fear! Here are five tips to help you on your way to being a healthy foodie!

  1. A Little Bit of Everything

As a Dietitian-Nutritionist the MyPlate/Healthy Eating Plate is my go-to guide when teaching my clients about healthy eating. It’s easy and fuss-free. This guide says make half your plate fruits and vegetables, a quarter protein, and a quarter grains. Having a little bit of everything on your plate is good because you get not only different flavors and textures from each food group, but also different nutrients. You can’t always control how much food is put on your plate at a restaurant. But you do have control over how much you eat! Don’t be afraid to set some food aside to take home with you, especially if the portions are big.

  1. Sharing is Caring!

Another good idea is to share appetizers or even order them as your main dish. One of the best things you can do is order a salad as an appetizer and share it with your friends. Salads tend to be lower in calories. Eating it as a starter can help prevent you from over-eating higher calorie foods later.

  1. Take a Closer Look

The restaurant menu is a great way to find out a bit more about what you’re eating. Have you ever said “Oh this looks healthy and then look at the calories next to the dish and think….dayum! That’s a lot of calories!” Nowadays, these menus are getting more health conscious. Some restaurants have low-calorie sections and others have little salt shakers to let you know that the dish is high in sodium. While looking at the menu, aim for dishes that are less than 1,000 calories. Of course, dishes that are closer to the 500-600 calorie range are better. Also, aim for lean protein choices like beans or tofu. Baked, grilled, or sautéed options are healthier than fried foods.  

  1. Bottoms Up/ Bottoms Down

Let’s talk about drinks… We live in a bottom-up culture, where the main appeal of brunches consists of the endless mimosas. But did you know that you could be unintentionally sabotaging yourself by having so many drinks? Sometimes cocktails are made with a lot of sugar and syrup. Most alcoholic beverages range from 150-200 calories. If you are having 2-3 drinks during your meal, that’s about 300-600 calories from drinks only! I’m not saying to go completely dry, but remember to pace yourself and that your drinks have calories too!

  1. Let’s Take A Stroll

Why not go outside for a walk after you eat?  There are many benefits to walking after your meals. Some of the benefits include improved digestion; improved mood, better-controlled blood sugar levels, and aid in weight loss. The best part of walking after you eat is that you get to bond with your friends and you never know whom you will meet!

I hope these tips will help you on your way to becoming a healthy foodie! For more about food, culture, and nutrition feel free to check out my blog

Bon Appetite!

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