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Spring 2017 Styles I Love

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With Spring rolling in, I thought this would be a great time to introduce some looks I've been loving so far this year. It feels like it's been forever since I've created real, written content as opposed to video- though I do love that- so let's just get right into these pieces!

If you know me, you'll know that my style could be described as the ultimate paradox. I love two extremely contrasting looks- dark and edgy compared with fancy and a tad over-the-top - but that keeps it interesting, right? These styles come straight to you from StyleWe!

So velvet is one of those trends which fade in and out through the years but I've gotta say that I fall back in love with it each time... This year velvet dresses especially have caught my eye, so I've linked one of my favorites below.

Keeping in line with this, I've also been liking more "out there" chokers; this means diamonds, lace detailed, and even quirky layered sets! I'm not a huge fan of rings or bracelets but I can get down with a good necklace. If you're interested in seeing what I've been wearing on an almost daily basis, then look no further! I've linked my favorite choker from this season below. 
The third most iconic trend from this season I've noticed is faux fur. Obviously real fur is something I would never purchase because of the cruelty involved but I can absolutely appreciate a nice bag with fur details and even a jacket (though I arguably shouldn't purchase the latter being that I live in Florida). Maybe I'll see about a jacket once I move; for now though, you can check out a favorite faux fur bag of mine down below.

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