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Styles You'll Be Seeing In 2017

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I always stress buying things that you'll really love and wear. For me, that means buying simple yet elegant pieces that often have lots of details... I really love combining neutrals (basically black with darker back), and think that you can find a lot of different combinations with a few pieces you truly adore.

One place that I really love, that really fits that description (for me) is Shein. I know that I can always find something I want and like there, so I'll be going into my favorite pieces for early 2017 with you guys today!

I'm sure you saw this one coming. For me, a good pair of jeans is EVERYTHING. You can make this casual or dressy depending on the rest of your outfit, and this pair in particular just catches your attention right away! Buy it here.

Like I said, your girl just loves her neutrals. This top would go perfectly with anything in my closet, and I love how slouchy yet chic it is! Find it here.

In the event you haven't checked out the other interests I write about, I am in love with yoga and getting active every day! Wearing the same couple pairs of workout pants over and over and over again can mean they wear down pretty quickly though. I love adding unique pieces like this pair to really switch things up. Check em out here.

You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket. Let me say that again- you can NEVER go wrong with a classic denim jacket! This piece is timeless and will bring together anything you wear. Have a look here.

Olive green is my favorite color to give that extra something to an outfit; I had been looking for one exactly like this for what feels like forever! Something that seems so simple can really make the difference between throwing something on and throwing on something that looks great. Find it here.

These are my favorite pieces right now; which one is your favorite? What styles do you think are going to rock 2017?? Let me know in a comment!

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