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Better You 2017: A Challenge to Be Your Best Self This January

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With many of the winter holidays over and the new year about to begin, what better way to start fresh than with a plan already made for you by me?? I've created a 31-day challenge to kick start your year off in the best way, leaving you prepared to create new habits and achieve your goals. 

Here goes:

1. Record the changes you'll make this month and sustain after it. This might seem to be the exact same as you've always done with previous and abandoned resolutions, but what's different is the means. You want to set specific goals, with time constraints. You want to set attainable goals that will set you up for doable and sustainable habits. Most important of all, only make the changes you'd really like to in life. Don't let anyone make these choices for you if you don't want them for yourself. 

2. Get active for at least 45 minutes. This is purposefully vague as we've all got our preferences regarding what we like to do, whether swimming or running or hiking. Walking is fine, even. If you live somewhere that's not freezing right now, try to get outside too for an even more beneficial opportunity.

3. Make a dream board showing your goals for each area of life (career, creative, health, social, etc). This can be something you physically have in your room/living space or something electronic that you put as your lock screen/laptop background. Maybe even do both. The point of this is to see your dreams daily as a reminder; when you see the things you want every day you get accustomed to them and accept them as tangible.

4. Today, do something to destress, even if that means you just dance around to a song that makes you want to move! This seems silly, but you have to know not to take things too seriously. Sometimes the best way to relax and de-stress is through dancing to your favorite song. Note: If you're like me and cannot dance for the life of you, you might want to do this alone. 

5. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. If you're new at this, you can try out some of my guided meditations made for a variety of needs right through the My Sounds link on this site.

6. Drink at least 2 liters of water. I drink around 3 on a daily basis, and I will assure you that you'll notice huge difference in overall wellbeing if you integrate this in your life.

7. Take a cold shower. This does not sound enticing. At all. However, it's unbelievably beneficial for your health. One shower can't hurt, so why not? It might not be as bad as you thought! If you don't want to get straight into icy water, maybe move from lukewarm in the beginning to colder and colder before you get out.

8. Try meditating for 15 minutes. The more you practice this the more you'll get out of it. 

9. Get up a bit earlier if you're someone who tends to run a little late. Through moving your alarm a little bit back each day, your transition to waking up early won't be so harsh. If one alarm doesn't do the trick, set several. If you've alreayd got a good sleep schedule, try doing some morning tasks the night before or at least prepping for them so your morning goes easily. 

10. Compliment everyone you talk to today, and try to have meaningful conversations. In our busy world, it's so easy to be in a rush and ignore what could be life-changing relationships with others. In being open to those we know and care about, we cultivate deeper connections and feel more understood overall. Don't be afraid to bare who you are in front of everyone. 

11. Go meatless for today. If you eat meat, I would highly recommend eliminating it from your diet over the next month or two. Obviously, that decision is up to you, but I feel that research supports the fact that a meatless diet is more beneficial for the environment, your health, and poorer nations. Eliminating even just one burger is the equivalent of not flushing your toilet for six months! 

12.  Don't use social media for the entire day. This really shows you how often the urge to distract yourself comes up. A way to carry this on in your daily life is choosing not to use your phone before you're ready or after a certain hour (since the light from your phone can change how easily you're able to fall asleep).

13. Find a good book to read over the next couple days. Choose to expand your mind and knowledge, and you'll probably learn to love this if you don't already. Most of the time when we feel we dislike an activity (such as reading), we haven't found our individual preferences within it (such as a different or unfamiliar genre).

14. Keep a photo journal of the things your grateful for today and save these somewhere you'll be reminded to be grateful. I love doing this to keep my loved ones and favorite memories in mind. 

15. Do your best to help today. If you see someone in trouble, take the time to offer a lending hand. If you're going to the same place with someone, choose to hold the door for them. Little things like these add up and can make not only the person your helping happy but you as well!

16. Get rid of 16 unnecessary things today. You can probably find 16 things in your living space that are not used or needed. Most of us even have doubles of things we rarely use, so you'll feel lighter giving away the things cluttering up your home.

17. Charge your phone as far away from you as possible (if you charge it while you sleep). This way, you'll be less tempted to stay on it as late and you'll have to actually get up to shut off your alarm in the morning. This makes a world of difference in trying to get up.

18. Go through the shows you watch, and eliminate the ones you really don't enjoy. Often we waste so much time on shows that don't even interest us because we want to be entertained. Watch the shows you really like, and use your other free time for creating, walking, meditating, reading-whatever you like.

19. Go through your email and get rid of the junk. Even if you don't open up the spammy emails, it take time to go through them and delete. Instead, use This is a free service that unsubscribes the subscriptions you don't want anymore all in one place, and I personally love it. It's made going through emails so much quicker!

20. Consider moving to a more paperless atmosphere. If you use a lot of documents that don't necessarily need to be physically copied, use an app like CamScanner or Evernote to free up some space. I would personally prefer Evernote if you're doing this often, as it won't take up actual space on your device. Additionally, you can access these files anywhere (phone, tablet, computer,etc). You could even use this for receipts; you obviously don't need to scan in food items but those things that cost a bit more and may need to be returned would work well. 

21. Choose to reconcile and apologize to someone you have a conflict with in the past. Even if it was a while ago, you'll feel lighter and it will show you that nothing is permanent. You can always choose to let go of the past.

22. Try not to complain. I understand sometimes days can be rough. However, when you try to shift your mindset to become more optimistic, you'll realize complaining brings others down and makes you feel worse too. 

23. Clean out your phone and/or computer. Delete all those old files,photos, unused apps, and saved conversations. Go through your online profiles and clean out those you follow; what you see controls your life, so make sure you're looking at empowering and powerful things. A fresh start should be in every aspect of life, right?

24. Try an apple cider vinegar shot in the morning. This has a multitude of health benefits, and is over in less than a minute. You'll be glad you did. 

25. Do some simple stretches first thing in the morning. I really started doing this at the beginning of 2016 and have become way more flexible and energized. You really only need 5 minutes, and once you stretch out you'll be so much more awake and ready to begin your day!! If you like yoga, practicing in the early morning is amazing. I would highly recommend doing so.

26. Choose an affirmation for yourself at this point in your life, and try to repeat it daily. One way to make sure you do this is setting an alarm/reminder with the affirmation as it's name for the same time every day. 

27. Show your loved ones you appreciate them. Through hugging them, writing them a letter, or giving them a call, you can make their day!

28. Be proud of yourself. Don't be ashamed of your passions, emotions, or creations. Don't apologize for who you are.

29. Pamper yourself! Do whatever it is that you like to that relaxes you and does your body good. This could mean a relaxing salt bath or trying a new face mask or even just a night in watching your favorite movie. 

30. Write out what you've thought of this past month, and record which day was your favorite. Think about which habits you'll bring into your everyday life. Then send it to me over at and I might even feature it in a post! I look forward to hearing what you think :)

31. Write out that which you want to manifest over the next month. I love setting monthly goals and this makes me feel optimistic about what's to come. Write out the things you want to do, see, and experience. The beginning of the year is not the only beginning. You can have a new beginning any time you like.

Once again, 

If you'd like a FREE printable of this and reminders on weekly prompts, just click HERE

Be sure to show me what you're doing each day with the hashtag #freshstart2017 and follow me on Instagram and YouTube to keep updated! I'll be posting daily on IG and weekly on Youtube to keep up with you guys! I can't wait to see what you think! Let's do this together.

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  1. Great post!! I love those kind of challenges/reminders! x


  2. This is a great challenge! We all need a little nudge to better ourselves sometimes!