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Realizing I Am An Indigo

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Before you read this, I think I'll explain to you what an Indigo Child is in the event you are unaware. Indigo children, who needn't necessarily be kids, are known to be souls who come from a higher place of peace and harmony. They are born into humans in the effort to raise consciousness on Earth and learn lessons they would not be able to outside of Earth. The purpose of an Indigo child is to spread truth and love, helping to spur a time of change whilst here.

Signs of an Indigo Child are:
-sees societal issues clearly
-love nature 
-creative in unexpected ways
- "old soul"
-feel isolated in general or alone in their ideas/feelings/desires
-interesting in learning and have a diversified vocabulary
-knowledgeable about complex subjects without any real study in them (such as social issues, the way the mind works, etc.)
-are averse to negativity (greed, discrimination, inequality, etc.)
-dislikes rules or hierarchical systems, does not enjoy being bossed around
-intelligence that is extremely accelerated and above average
-empathic towards all things

There are several more signs, but these are typically considered the most identifyable. If a majority of these resonate with you, you may very well be an Indigo Child! After all, the presence of Indigos is said to be growing, and we are moving toward a time of vibrational transition as a planet. The more people who choose to spread love, the more love there is to share!

On to my experience...

I always have felt like the black sheep; I have always been different from my family and friends in a fundamental way, though I never really thought about why... 

I always felt that I had a purpose, but for a time lost sight of this idea because I had not figured out what this purpose was. All I know is that ever since I was a child, I have wanted to make a difference, help a large number of people, and spend my time here learning and growing. My childhood was spent nose deep in books, and I never cared much for toys or games. While this was perceived as odd by my family, it was my nature and they grew used to it. I have never really cared a great deal for wasting my time. This in itself was a pretty big part of why I got so lost when I struggled with purpose; telling myself the story in which there was no purpose, everything seemed like a waste of time and therefore I became more disinterested in the day to day. 

Looking back, I feel like everything has led up to this moment, and every moment is a step closer to spreading more love and knowledge. I was exposed to certain things growing up and endured certain situations to clarify my perspective and prepare me for what I am to do in life, even if such situations didn't look beneficial at all at the time. I believe I am where I am now due to the small seeds , the little ideas, which eventually blossomed as I delved deeper and deeper into topics such as spirituality and happiness.

I have felt like I understand basic lessons many take years to learn since I was a little girl; while I will admit I've been guided away from my truest self in the past, in my most genuine state I can be harmonious and accepting of almost anyone. I recognize other's are human, like myself, and are bound to make mistakes. These mistakes are okay, and serve as lessons leading to greater wisdom. 

I came across an article online a couple months ago, and without really knowing why I became intrigued and decided that I should read it. In reading, I really resonated with the description and common experiences Indigo children have. I knew there was likely more to the idea than what was discussed in the article, but the concept stayed on my mind until I kept searching for more answers. Again and again, what I came across felt familiar and comforting; it was nice to know that there were others who wanted change and the pursuit of creating it. It was nice to know others had gone through things I have. It was nice to know that I am surrounded by like-minded souls all over the world, and that through working together we really can live out of desires and alleviate suffering through the spread of information and love. 

To conclude, the word "Indigo" is just that- a word. However, its the message behind it I hope impacts you. If you feel different from the ones around you and want to inspire and help others during your lifetime, you are not alone. Try to remember you're never alone in your endeavors, and go do what you love. Try not to get frustrated with the ways in need of change; instead, craft the change you seek. Don't worry if you've gotten off your path before. Oftentimes, we learn the most resonating lessons through our "path detours". Let go of the man-made limitations you might feel hold you back. Learn as much as you can. Don't lose sight of your purpose. Spread positivity. Remain inspired. Love and be loved. 

Last but not least, let me know what you think below and subscribe to stay updated with new content :) You can always reach out, any way you'd like, and I'd be happy to talk! You have a voice, and it will always matter. It deserves to be heard. 

Tiffany Amber

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